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Grounds and Facility

Here at Westwind Retrievers we take great pride in the fact that the grounds we own and train on are of "National" calibre. Our ponds on the Westwind property itself are groomed to provide a clear picture to retriever breeds in their training towards a strong water conscience.
Please take the time to come and check out our facility and grounds.


Training Program

Our program is based on a step by step building process. Our overall approach is based on a respect for the dog and its overall potential. Mastering the small steps along the program path, in an effort to avoid problematic issues at a later time. Building on success through all aspects of the individual dogs training, we strive to develop courage, style and perseverance in the dog. The end result being a well trained dog that is pleasing as both a companion and competitor.
Please consider Westwind Retrievers as part of your retriever training solutions.



I have had the privilege of running and training many fine animals since my start in the Field Trial game back in 1982. Over the years I have participated in all capacities of the sport, from competitor to Field Trial Chair to judging the Canadian National Open in 2003. Throughout those years my passion for the retriever breed and the sport and competition has remained constant.
Westwind Retrievers is the result of that passion for the sport.



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